Download Army of Crypto


Notes for Windows, Mac and Android

  • On windows, you might get a warning from your antivirus because you're downloading an unsigned package. If you have reputation based checks from Windows Security (enabled by default), you just need to confirm the installer is OK and allow it to run.
  • Mac and Android packages are kindly signed by LAVA SoftWorks. But they're not listed on app stores.
  • On the Mac, you'll have to right click on the DMG file and click on "Open".
    You'll get a warning about the file being downloaded from the internet and stating it might be harmful, but it isn't. Just confirm opening and you'll be able to install it.
    Once installed, you'll have to right click on the AOC icon in the apps folder and click on "Open".
    Once you approve it you'll be able to open it from the launchpad without issues.

To run on linux:

  1. Download the tar file.
  2. Extract it in the place where you want to run it (E.G. ~/bin).
    You'll end up with a folder named army-of-crypto.
  3. Open a terminal in that folder.
  4. Run the next command: bash
  5. That's all. You'll have the Army of Crypto icon added on your menu or launchpad.

Version changelog

Released on January 22, 2024


  • Optimized load of battle media items.
  • Added check to prevent submission of empty chat messages.
  • Added missing card arrows colorization.
  • #TR231117T205540 ~ Tuned error messages that aren't system errors to avoid confusion.
  • #TR2312232141 ~ Added missing information on the card details modal.
  • Optimized card sorting algo on the inventory viewer to un-scatter magic cards.
  • Fixed wrong position and size of cards in the chamber.
  • #BR2311162057 ~ Reworked challenge assesment calculation algo on the match joining form.
  • #BR231128T203342 ~ Fixed issue that allowed rescued cards to be moved while sleeping.
  • #BR231117T184556 ~ Added awakening of sleeping cards when hit missing when some spells were cast.
  • Fixed an issue caused by in-memory pointers not being reset when a magic card was selected from the hand and the turn owner changed.
  • Other minor optimizations and fixes.

Improvements and additions:

  • Full magics implementation:
    • Poison, Shamanic heal and Almighty.
    • Sniper, Vampire, Rescue, Jumper and Voodoo.
    • Paralysis, Divine Protection, Archery and Abracadabra.
    • Miracle, Fierce Destruction and Revolve.
  • Refactored hand locking mechanism so, after placing a card, only attack (placeable) cards from the hand are locked and magics can be used.
  • Added cards rearrangement capability to the deck builder.
  • Iconized magic card descriptions.
  • Added blinking to the risk awareness checkbox caption on the match creation/joining form to make it more prominent.
  • Improved visual prominence of magic cards on the display area of the board during a match to help differentiate them from attack cards.
  • Added sound feedback to turn changes in the prefills phase.
  • #FR231116T205324 ~ Added sound and visual feedback to turn changes in battle.
  • #FR2311282024 ~ Improved in-battle chat.
  • #FR2311172119 ~ Added support for extra nodes on specific rounds.
  • Added animated chamber rays (visible when background animations are enabled in the settings).
  • Enlarged in-battle chat widget.
  • Added support for multiple board soundtracks.
  • Assets library:
    • Adjusted displaybox size on all boards.
    • Adjusted card SVG attributes building on all boards.
    • Added class titles to cardspecs.
    • Added extra music tracks to all boards.

Server side:

  • #BR231026T132752 ~ Refactor living cards check to prevent premature match conclusion.
  • #BR231026T130947 ~ Add missing hand updates after using magics.
  • #BR231026T131857 ~ Fixed error thrown when an empty chat message is received.
  • Fixed wrong calculations on rescue magic application.
  • Refactored target calculation algo used in Sniper and Jumper magics to fix wrong calculations.
  • Added counters reset when an attack card is sent to the chamber.
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