Download Army of Crypto


Notes for Windows, Mac and Android

  • On windows, you might get a warning from your antivirus because you're downloading an unsigned package. If you have reputation based checks from Windows Security (enabled by default), you just need to confirm the installer is OK and allow it to run.
  • Mac and Android packages are kindly signed by LAVA SoftWorks. But they're not listed on app stores.
  • On the Mac, you'll have to right click on the DMG file and click on "Open".
    You'll get a warning about the file being downloaded from the internet and stating it might be harmful, but it isn't. Just confirm opening and you'll be able to install it.
    Once installed, you'll have to right click on the AOC icon in the apps folder and click on "Open".
    Once you approve it you'll be able to open it from the launchpad without issues.

To run on linux:

  1. Download the tar file.
  2. Extract it in the place where you want to run it (E.G. ~/bin).
    You'll end up with a folder named army-of-crypto.
  3. Open a terminal in that folder.
  4. Run the next command: bash
  5. That's all. You'll have the Army of Crypto icon added on your menu or launchpad.

Version changelog

Released on September 7/8, 2023


  • Added markers to improve tracking of moving cards and prevent moves back and forth the same slots to be skipped.
    Note: this fix is related to the 'move' bug.
  • #BR230825T220412 ~ Added a check to prevent the turn timer to be relaunched while running.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the first card of the deck to be given to the hand when getting the turn (aka the 'missing' bug).
  • Added flag to prevent network throttling when the window is minimized or sent to the background.
  • Fixed some typos in the language file.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the board to be unblocked before showing the match ending title.
  • Added a delay in node additions to sync with killed cards moving to the chamber.
  • Added checks on the prefills phase to prevent card duplication problems.
  • #TR230822M ~ Added fix to prevent selecting passive screen elements.
  • Server side:
    • #BR230811T183011 ~ Allowed submission of numeric-only messages on the chat - it was causing an error and freezing.
    • Fixed identifier issue that caused missing animations when attacking a strong card with a weak card without killing it.
    • Extended identifier on full attack runs to prevent missing animations when attacks don't kill any of the cards.
    • Fixed wrong reward reported on the match conclusion after a draw was detected.
    • ##BR230902T203054 ~ Fixed issue that allowed more than one move or attack to be done in the same turn under certain conditions.

Improvements and additions:

  • Inverted order of turn times in the match creation form and set 60 seconds by default.
  • Added navigation pane on the marketplace view.
  • Additions to the product page on the marketplace view.
  • #TR230829T180306 ~ Added remaining passes counter.
  • Added conversion of URLs to links in match titles created by registered streamers on the matches browser.
  • Added toast notification for node additions after card kills.
  • Added archived matches browser on the arena.
  • Added automatic selection of the first card of the preselected soldiers on mobile devices.
  • Updated community section.
  • Server side:
    • Token changelogs are updated at server side (not on the blockchain) every time a card kills an opponent card in an attack run (even in dual kill cases). Individual card victories can be seen from the card details view on the AOC collection browser.
    • Opened the matches browser to the public. You can check the battles history at It will be added to the game soon.
    • Added quick rankings page on the website. This is a simple system that will allow players to see how they're doing against others. It will be replaced later on with a fully pledged stats system. You can access it at
    • #BR230821T094408 ~ Added more info to the match consequences when the automatic winning algo is triggered after an automatic pass.
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