Cryptocurrency was meant to be a form of monetary salvation, a way to escape the prison of a broken financial system.

Global leaders used their paper money as a tool to control the masses. Greed and domination was the fuel that powered the public machine. As a consequence, excessive amounts of fiat currency entered the market, flooding the system with worthless paper which caused the economy to completely collapse.

Transformation and courage is required, firming the collective focus and energy into a brighter future, only possible with the Army of Crypto!

Recruit your army and get into the battle!

The Essential Pack

  • Comes with 14 cards
  • Every card is a unique NFT
  • Some chance to get stronger cards

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The Ultimate Pack

  • Comes with 12 cards
  • Every card is a unique NFT
  • Better chance to get strongest cards

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The Legendary Pack

  • Comes with 10 cards
  • Every card is a unique NFT
  • Best chance to get strong cards

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Build your decks with up to four card hierarchies





Throw them in epic PvP battles

Play against other users in our Minigame

We made a reduced version of our main game!

If you want to play a quick match against someone with a single attack card (soldier, general or legendary), in one single round and with reduced rules (only one attack per player), there are short PvP battles that you can join!

And if you're brave enough, you can select cards from your inventory and create matches so others can challenge you!

Hertz Bet

Boost your confidence and jump on a battle with your opponent betting the amount of Hertz that you feel most comfortable playing with.


Choose to bet 1 or 2 NFTs per battle! Win the match and you will receive the cards from your opponent's deck

Win to Earn

Win the battle to earn Hertz, the game token that allows you to make upgrades on your cards and buy insurance plans.