Quick game rankings

Important: This is a simple rankings system based on matches played/won by user, brought on as a quick solution for a big need.
We have plans for a strong statistics system that, when ready, will replace this page.

How the rankings are calculated

Previously, the algo simply ordered the positions within the queried dates range by most wins / less looses. We've updated it as follows:

  • First, obtain an average from all the matches played within the range results.
  • Then, for each user:
    1. Make the user win ratio by giving two points for every match won, then dividing the total by the average.
    2. Make each user loose ratio by giving 0.5 points for every match lost, then dividing the total by the average.
    3. Deduct the loose ratio from the win ratio to obtain the final user ratio.
    4. Sort all entries by user ratio, highest to lowest.

Note: Staff, system and test accounts are grayed out.

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