PvP minigame


Welcome to the Army of Crypto PvP minigame

Test the might of your battle cards in quick fights against other users!

Join an existing match

Just pick a match from the 'available matches' list, select a card of the same hierarchy from your inventory and put it on an attack slot. Both cards will fight and the best one will win!

If there are no matches available, you can create one.

Creating a match

Hit "Create match" and you'll be asked for betting info. You can bet some Hertz or the card you use to play. Then select a card from your inventory.

If your card has a low amount of arrows (attack/defense directions), invisible barriers will be added randomly in front of some of your card's unprotected sides to even the odds between you and the challenger.

After submitting it, the match will be left open until someone comes to challenge you. You'll be notified if you win or loose and the prize will be credited to you or debited from the challenger once the match ends.

You can close any open match you've created at any time for as long as nobody is challenging you.

Rules of engagement

  1. The match creator's card is placed at the center of the board upside down. Anyone joining the match can pick a surrounding slot to attack it.
  2. Once the challenger places their card, the creator's card is revealed.
  3. If the challenger attacks through an unprotected side (no facing arrows) and there isn't a barrier on that side, the challenger wins the match.
  4. If the challenger puts their card with no arrow pointing to the center and the creator's card has an arrow pointing back, the creator wins the match.
  5. If both cards have facing arrows, an attack roll will take place and the best card will win.
  6. If there are no facing arrows in both cards, the winner will be chosen by comparing the attributes of both cards.

Bet cards or Hertz tokens

When you create a match, you decide if you want to bet some Hertz or the card you're playing with. The bet info is shown before challenging someone and present in all the match lists.

Play and win Hertz!

Both creators and challengers get a bunch of Hertz for playing. You can use them to place bets or buy great stuff later in our main game.

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