Legendary pack

Purchase your Legencary pack and start collecting your NFT cards. This pack contains 10 cards which will allow you to play the Army of Crypto, battle with your friends and place bets.


Pay with 108,629.53 ONIX*
Buy ONIX at Xeggex with USDT/USDC/LTC, at Graviex with USDT/BTC/LTC or at Blockchain Financial with multiple altcoins.

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Pack available for select users only.
Sorry, but this package is only available to users on a whitelist. If you are willing to acquire it, we can send you requirements and instructions. Request access now

Full description

This package gives you 10 AOC NFTs within the next ranges:

  • One Strong Magic card.
  • 30% chance to get another Strong Magic card.
  • 75% chance to get an Average Magic card.
  • One Strong Legendary card.
  • 65% chance to get another Strong Legendary card.
  • One Average Legendary card.
  • 3 Strong General cards.
  • 50% chance to get another Strong General cards.
  • Average General cards.

Once you buy this pack, it will take a few minutes for the NFTs to be transferred to your AOC account.

* ONIX prices are subject to market value taken from Blockchain Financial price indexes.
* They might change at the time of checkout.